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Welcome to Fonteneau & Arnold LLC, we are lawyers who help employees who have disputes with their employers and individuals who have been the victims of police misconduct.  Our office is located in Birmingham, Alabama.


About Us

Kira Fonteneau and Allen Arnold have a combined 23 years of legal experience. They have spent their legal careers representing people with disputes with the government and big employers. Our firm works every day to ensure that our clients get a fair shake and opportunity to be heard.


Practice Areas

Wage & Hour

Most employees are entitled to overtime pay. If you are an employee who works more than 40 hours per week, in most cases ,your employer must pay you overtime. If your employer has not been paying you for all of the hours that you work, contact us for a case evaluation.

Overtime Litigation
Civil Rights
Police Misconduct

When the government does not follow the law, citizens get hurt. Whether you have been assaulted by the police or harmed by an unconstitutional law, Fonteneau & Arnold's lawyers will fight for your rights. If you believe your rights have been violated, tell us about it.

Employment Discrimination
Employment Discrimination

Title VII prohibits discrimination because of membership in a "protected class." like race, color, religion, national origin, and sex. To find out if your employer's actions could have  been discriminatory, fill out our case evaluation form.

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